Vacuum chambers

Sealing tests can produce vacuum tests, or pressurization tests for blisters, bottles, pouches, jars or bottles.
They are achievable direct production line board.
They are made by the vacuum box and allows the operator to immediately view a leaking sample.

Caissons de test d'étanchéité VB

Vacuum box VB

The vacuum box ACF-measurement are divided by size, consoles and options they offer.
VBb provides a quick and simple test while VBe allow complex vacuum cycles management, controlled re-inflation storage of the "bubble points".
VBe have a ticket printer for direct reporting of results.

ACF-measurement is the only one to offer an immersion leak test to the standard ISO 8871-5. The return to atmospheric pressure time is controlled to ±1sec/24h.
The cycle end is declared at the end of that time.

Key Features:

  • - Transparent PMMA material.
  • - Standard dimensions: 350x300x100mm (WxHxD).
  • - 2 types of control consoles.
  • - Mode Long-time (asservissement without time limit).
  • - Accuracy: ± 5mBars.
  • - Quick re-inflation.

The Chambers or Box

The tank

The tank is common to all our releases. It is separable from the control unit and the vacuum generator. It is waterproof, without drilling down, and extremely strong. Made of PMMA transparent it can be made to your specifications. Visibility is possible on the 6 faces.

The vacuum port

To prevent entry of liquid or pollution, the vacuum port is always carried by the cover.
Main tank is pierced with no suction hole including the bottom, which is a source of problems during accidental aspiration of product or water with methylene blue.

The pressure tap

As the vacuum port, the pressure point is always carried by the cover, independently of the vacuum.
The chosen solution allows for a fair pressure ± 5mBars , one in the tank, and not the one given by the vacuum generator when the vacuum sensor is plugged on.
Even for the vacuum, there are losses in the pipes. .

Key Features:

  • - Transparent PMMA material.
  • - 2 types of control consoles.
  • - Accuracy: ± 5mBars.
  • - Quick re-inflation.
Caissons de test etanchéité

A modular concept

The consoles

With our modular concept, you can upgrade your equipment without changing the box or switch box and keep your console.
Control consoles are interchangeable between them.
They also enable rapid troubleshooting in case of problems.

ACF-measurement offers two types of steering console:
The CSb "Basic Console" and CSe "Extended Console".
All consoles have the vacuum pump option. They then become CSb-p or CSe-p.
They respond well to the recommendation IATA (see next tab).


  • - Color backlit graphic display (55mmx25mm).
  • - 2 programmables instructions.
  • - Mode Long-time (asservissement without time limit).
  • - Accuracy : ± 5mBars.
  • - Quick re-inflation.
  • - Output RS232C V24.


  • - Color backlit graphic display (89mmx35mm).
  • - 16 programmables instructions.
  • - 8 cycles of 8 steps with 16 instructions.
  • - Storage of the "bubble points".
  • - Accuracy : ± 5mBars.
  • - Meets ISO 8871-5 standard.
  • - Quick re-inflation.
  • - Receipt Printer.
  • - Output RS232C V24.
Caisson de test etancheite

Control Method IATA

Contrôle de l’étanchéité pour le transport aérien des produits liquides dangereux

Les produits transportés par avion subissent des différences de pression importantes en altitude pouvant accentuer les risques de fuite et être la cause d’un accident (explosion, feu…)si l’on est dans le cas d’un produit dit dangereux (étiqueté UN).
Il est donc nécessaire de s’assurer de leur bonne étanchéité, dans des conditions poussées.

Les réglementations américaine (US DOT) et IATA (the International Air Transportation Association) imposent des tests d’étanchéité renforcés pour les packagings contenant des liquides dangereux ou des produits à risque. Les produits suivants sont concernés par ces tests d’étanchéité :
  - Liquides Inflammables (Class 3) ou Toxiques (Division 6.1) du groupe d’emballage III.
  - Dangerous said air transport of products (labelled ONE).
  - Tous les autres liquides à risque.

La réglementation impose que dès la conception les produits soient testés et conformes.
La méthode sera donc appliquée en Conception et en "Première production puis en cas de Change Control".

ACF-measurement propose en option des consoles en mode IATA et répond ainsi cette recommandation ainsi qu'aux recommandations des grands groupes internationaux de cosmétique.
Une pompe à vide est asservie par la console CSb-p ou CSe_p. Le fonctionnement est absolument identique aux consoles standards.
Grace à notre concept modulaire, vous pouvez faire évoluer votre équipement sans changer de caisson et à moindre cout. Nous n'intervenons uniquement que sur la console.
Depuis de nombreux mois, nous adaptons même nos consoles sur des caissons de toutes marques.

Consoles CSb-p et CSe-e:

  • - Dépression jusqu'à -950 mBar.
  • - Long-time possible (pompe asservie).
  • - Regonflage rapide possible (option).
  • - Pompe à vide sans entretien.
QAC-MC-836 C


Complémentaries accessories

ACF-measurement offers accessories, baskets and pressing only 316L stainless steel passived. La strength of these guarantees extreme longevity of use. Many tricks developed by ACF-measurement make the job easier for users, such as; INOX basket with variable height cover.

Partitions and layings

ACF-measurement offers optional, and compartmentalisation of nestable layings suitable for samples. Ask the complementary data sheet or ask us a study with your samples.

Example of a specific vacuum box:

  • - Dimensions: 550x450x250mm (WxHxD).
  • - Immersion Test.
  • - Cart draining Support.
  • - Basket Cart 316L stainless steel lid and adjustable in height.
  • - Partitions PMMA.
  • - Drain Valve.
  • - Cover out of gaz spring (anti-spin).
  • - Quick re-inflation.
Caisson et Panier INOX



Caisson de test etancheite VBb Caisson de test etancheite VBe