Universal console - CSu

The CSu is a reading console for gauge bridges force transducers.
It allows to connect respectively to:
  - Torque screwdriver.
  - gauge (traction or compression).
  - torque wrench.
  - torque gauge.

Universal console - CSu

The CSu is a reading console for gauge bridges force transducers.
Ideal for packaging control, it allows to visually follow the torques in tightening and loosening on the plugs screwed in edge of production line.
Its "LED" mode, configurable with 2 or 4 thresholds, allows the operator to quickly check the accuracy of the torque applied.
A storage memory of 200 measurements per torque range, allows to calculate the mini and maxi readings in the measurement campaign and to edit them at the bottom of the ticket.
The torque sensors are equipped with a non-coaxial and vertical forces cancellation system that could be applied by the user.
The TTm has an interface for a color ticket printer to get a direct report of the results.

Main Features:

  • Color TFT graphic display.
  • Accuracy: ± 0,3 % of full scale.
  • Sensor acquisition speed: 5.000Hz.
  • Operating modes: Needle, 2 thresholds or 4 thresholds.
  • Measurement Modes: Dynamic, Peak, Time Delayed.
  • Units: N.m - N.cm - Kgf.cm - Inch.lbs.
  • Color LEDs to monitor the progress of the test.
  • Up to 20 recordable product records.
  • Memory of 200 values by product.
  • Print of the time stamped results and 2 user lines.
  • Print statistics of saved measurements.
  • RS232 and DIGIMATIC outputs (PC - printer).
  • Ticket printer available.
  • Printing screen compatible with weighing software.
  • Language: french, English, Spanish, German (other languages possible).


VEGAS module

Like all ACF-measurement devices, consoles CSu also resume the modular concept.
You have only one console and you pass one sensor to another very quickly and simply.
Thanks to the module VEGAS located on the sensor, the console recognizes features of it and configures itself according to its parameters.

Console de lecture CSu

The display


The Csu, it only includes 5 keys of which the function is defined and indicated in overlooked by a text or a pictogram located in the lower part of the display.
Thanks to its color TFT screen the Csu provides easy reading of the display test results.
The CSu had 2 operating modes: Needle and 2 thresholds or 4 thresholds.

Ecran Couleur

torque tester for caps


Multiplexers for measuring instruments

The multiplexer MUX enables the communication of 1 to 8 measuring instruments (caliper, digital indicator, micrometer, weight scale, torque wrench...) from any brand to a PC or similar equipment equipped with a USB port or a RS 232 interface.
Connection possible with the following instruments (but not limited to):

  • Digimatic : Metro, Mitutoyo, Mahr.
  • Opto RS232 Sylvac, Tesa, Bowers etc...
  • RS232.
  • Analogue ouput, single or bipolar, in current or in voltage...

Multiplexers for measuring instruments METRO

Color printer RS232

ACF-measurement offers a matrix ticket printer for traceability of records.
Its bi-color ribbon allows the values highlighted in the case of measures out of tolerance.
The advantage of a matrix impression is held in time of the pigment from thermal printers whose ticket fade with temperature changes.

  • matrix printing.
  • bi-color ribbon.
  • 3 ribbon sizes: 58, 70 ,78 mm.

torque tester for caps