Vacuum chambers VB

The sealing tests are produced by vacuum tests, or pressurization tests for blisters, bottles, pouches, jars or bottles.
They are achievable direct production line board.
They are made by the vacuum box and allows the operator to immediately view a leaking sample.

VBb box

VBb box is the most economical of the chambers to electronic console. It is also the most sold.
With its simplicity of use and its 2 programmable instructions, it is used mainly on edge of the line, etc...

VBe box

The VBe are top performers of our vacuum boxes. They allow cycle testing and memorize the "bubbles points" during the tests in immersion.
They also answer the standard ISO 8871-5, ...

VBs box

The VBs are the simplest of our vacuum boxes. They are manual, all pneumatic control and without timer.
They integrate a control valve and a venturi,...

Les tests en immersion

Our vacuum chambers have the possibility to be used for testing in immersion and methylene blue tests.
Thanks to the different kits, you quickly transform your standard boxes...